Are You Wondering How to Reduce Sweaty Hands?

I remember how a few years ago all I wanted was to find a way to reduce sweaty hands. I searched and searched and it soon became apparent to me that there are just a few main ways to reduce sweaty hands.The first of them is ETS surgery which is a very expensive procedure where a surgeon cuts the nerves that are responsible for triggering your sweating. It seems like a sure way to reduce sweaty hands but as I read more about it I realized that it’s in fact a pretty risky procedure. That’s because a large percentage of people who do it to reduce sweaty hands experience compensatory sweating as a side effect. In a lot of cases it actually makes their lives worse then what they were before because the sweating becomes unbearable best iontophoresis machine.

The second treatment that’s usually suggested to people who want to reduce sweaty palms is called Botox treatment. With this treatment doctors inject Botox in your palms and it stops them from sweating for about three to six months. The down side is that it’s a really painful procedure and you need to do it once every six months. It can also be a really expensive treatment if you have to pay for it yourself.

The last treatment that’s usually suggested to reduce sweaty palms is called iontophoresis. It’s a treatment where you use a special machine that sends small electrical current to plates filled with water and you have to place your palms in it for about fifteen minutes. It doesn’t hurt and it doesn’t have any side effects. Because it was the most painless and the cheapest method I tried it and it reduced my sweaty hands in just 5 days. I couldn’t believe it but I was completely cured in less then a week.